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Honor Program Sculptures

Ferris State University, Big Rpaids, MI

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The five Ferris state University Honors Program relief sculptures are a compelling example of my metal mural concept in sculpture. The metal mural concept I have been working on has a creative priority of bringing back the personal narrative in public art in extremely durable,  long life low maintenance material. . This personal narrative as a creative agenda is best illustrated in these five sculptures that offer a slight design variation from one sculpture to the next. This slight design shift moves from a more descriptive figure design form to a form or style I will simply define as a more graphic artistic agenda. The five relief sculpture were fabricated out of over 150 cut metal parts that create relief layers as deep as 4 layers and approximately 3 ½” in total depth. Cast shadow from commercial or natural light is a critical element of my metal mural concept. The sculptures are fabricated out of 10GA painted mild steel and ¼” thick 6000 series aluminum. All welds to fabricate the 150 cut parts are hidden.

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